That’s ignorance for you!
We’ve been at it since December 2nd. Gone over
all the testimony, hashed out all the details,
and you still can’t come to a verdict.
How many times are we going to vote? 100?
Seven to five for acquittal.
Seven to five for conviction.
Hey, we can’t have it both ways.

Come on, for me it’s clear. Guilty!
I don’t want to be here until Christmas.

OK. OK. Go over one more time. The problems.
For one thing, her testimony different from the first report.
Then, the timing. No can happen.
And one more thing, the police. Who to believe?

Hey, she saw her attackers clearly.
She remembered some nicknames.
She saw the license plate number. What more do we need?

Yeah, yeah. First she said she couldn’t see.
And she said, all Hawaiian. She remembered the name, “Bull“
Nobody named “Bull.“ She said was after midnight when she wen leave the dance.

She correct herself, that’s all. When she calm down, she
say 11:35. That work!

Works? Are you kidding? Kidnapping,
driving, 4-6 rapes, in 20 minutes?

No can . . .

Sure can, the prosecutor show how.

What about the tire tracks? Officer Benton
said they matched the Ida car perfectly.

Yeah but, he said he saw them 4 hours after the attack
but it was really 30 hours afterwards. And Officer Lau,
he refused to take a picture. Maybe those marks were put there

What! are you saying the police are corrupt? Bastard!

Hey! no fight . . .

If only walls could talk

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