What did Judd expect would happen?
Didn’t he know that God-fearing men
protect their women when justice is not granted?

Judd is not fit to serve as governor.
I, Admiral Stirling, marched to ‘Iolani Palace to explain to him
that mongrels accused of raping poor Thalia
must be protected in jail cells for their own good.
Otherwise, they may share the same fate as Kahahawai.

Did Judd believe there wouldn’t be retribution?
No one could blame
a husband
a mother
and navy brethren
who sought justice on their own terms.

How dare anyone attempt to jail these good white people.
Judge Cristy allowed the navy to have custody of our guests
aboard the USS Alton where they are protected and sheltered
with all the lodging and amenities they deserve.
They are blessed with flowers and messages inscribed with good wishes.

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