I can see it in their eyes
even in this grainy wedding picture
on the front page.
Look, Harry,
Aren’t they so full of love?
Reminds me of when we were married.

What a shame! How can he look at her in the same way
now after the rape.

The News calls it “Honor Killing,“
they felt they had to do it.
My brother says the Louisville Herald is carrying the story too.
Must be all over the country, maybe all over the world.

Are you listening, Harry?

Look, here’s another picture,
that rapist, Horace Ida.
Look at those slant eyes.
Says here all the trouble in Hawaii is a Jap plot .

There sure were a lot of Japs in Hawaii
when we were there on vacation.
Remember? Strange eyes.

My brother says there’s a danger of them being tried
by a jury of yellow men for the killing of a yellow man.
That’s not right. Doesn’t the Constitution say a jury of

Looks like there’s race wars in Hawaii,
Not a place for decent people.

No wonder they’re asking President Hoover to
declare martial law.

You could say that’s the end of paradise.

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