And we are paying,
the Dow falling
precipitously in the shale of greed.

Now I have portion control.
My husband grows skinnier.
I divvey up the stone potatoes, stone carrots.
I go around to turn off unnecessary lights.
We eat in, take home-lunch to work,
five minute showers, search for black
currents and unplug computers.
We eat no fat and dream lean.
Teeth against the meat bone.
We do whatever it takes,
as we watch the rock of our pensions
disappear over the cliff.
Where did it all go?
“To money heaven,” you say.
“Just to money heaven.

I go outside to look
up at the sky.
I see that it is all there–
the pebbles of clouds,
the ambient crystals of light
a blue-rock sky
that’s not bad
to have or need.

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