Today at St. Andrews Priory

I just returned from my day at St Andrews Priory School for Girls. What a wonderful experience! First of all, I felt,—what is the word?— privileged that these students had been reading our poems. Any writer would be pleased to be read. That’s why we write.
Joan Perkins, who also has an article here on this site, arranged for us No Choice but to Follow poets, Marie Hara and Sue Cowing to read. Marie read a story from Banana Heart, the one about a girl having her first period. Rather than think of this blood as dirty, Marie talked about the beauty of the event. Very different, very French, actually, where this moment in a girl’s life is celebrated. It appears that Marie likes to provoke rather than pacify. Sue read from her up and coming novel, You Will Call Me Grog! The audience was spellbound. I can’t wait to read it.
After the reading the students engaged in quick writes (2 minutes!) and rewrites concerning subjects that provoke our feelings: betrayal, jealousy, telling the truth and not being believed.
I hope that some students post their comments and/or writing here.
One disappointment: I forgot to take pictures even though my camera was in my purse
One surprise: I got to talk with two former students, now teachers at the Priory, Shelley and Chad. What a treat!

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