December 2022 Year of the Tiger Bamboo Shoots Writing Contest Winners : )

WoooHooo! Happy New Year to everyone. Including Santa. Lived through another brutal Christmas. I wondered how is it possible to cover the whole world in one night? Well, I found out that with the heavy disguise, it’s hard to tell one Santa from another, so he hires roughly one million people for the Christmas rush and puts them in substations all over the world. It’s kind of like Amazon. But everything is free. Well, nothing is really free. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? So Santa charges parents a “service fee.” In the end, what with handling charges, tax, and mileage, parents end up paying roughly full price for the gifts from Santa. But the payoff is that they get to tell their kids the presents are from Santa. Which is technically true.

As usual, however, I must have done something that disqualified me from getting anything. Every year for I don’t know how long now, I wake up early on Christmas morning and run to the tree. But there’s never anything there. I asked Eric and Darrell about it one time and they said, “What? You throwing the hints? Do we look like we’re your parents?”

I had to think about that.

Since I have no parents to give me “Santa presents” anymore, how come Darrell and Eric can’t leave anything under the tree for me? After all, I always think of them as my surrogate dads. Couldn’t they spare a couple of Bamboo Bucks for me? Oh well, then I’d know it wasn’t from Santa, so kill fight.

But enough about my tragic Christmas experience. We got winners. Consider the 10 Bamboo Bucks you just won as a late holiday present from Eric and Darell. See? They give you guys Bucks? How come not me? I must be really bad.

Okay. So each of you winners has won 10 Bamboo Bucks (that could have been mine). Make sure to use them in the BRP online store by January 31st. Send an email to

[email protected]

telling them you’re a December winner. They’ll send you a code you can use when you check out.

Without further stories about what kind of miserable life I lead, here are the happy December winners (one of which I’m not).

Burt Ramos
Joy Gold
Doreen Beyer

Congratulations all of you (but not to me). Head over to check out the prompts for January. Let’s keeping the writing going in 2023.

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