We watched her die on the evening news
A beautiful woman with a bloodied face
Struck down by a bullet from a coward’s gun
Her media death was Iran’s disgrace.

A nation’s vote so full of hope
A chance to change, a new direction
The people came and raised their voice
After the taste of freedom’s affection.

Then evil minds did take control
With no concern from a watching world
The Iranian people heard the news
Dissent and anger were unfurled.

We witnessed courage never shown
Enormous crowds of women and men
They marched in peace within the streets
They walked into a lion’s den.

Violent clashes day and night
Defiant protestors did engage
Across the oceans nations watched
Filled with sympathy, full of rage.

Digital images filled the air
Rallies remembered Neda’s death
Now a martyr for a cause
A new dream from her last breath.

By Will Espero

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