Quick, Roll Up Your Windows

     “Free Hugs. $5!”      For some reason, no one took up his offer.      “I don’t get your sign,” said a blonde lady in a shiny Mercedes Benz. “If it’s free, why is it $5?”      Before Frank could explain that nothing in life was free, blondie rolled up her window and sped away, as the light at…

Song for Ferguson

“You just revealed a side of yourself I didn’t know you had.” “Which side would that be?” “The delusional.” “My bad. Should I hum ‘The Missouri Waltz’ on my way out?” “To prove or to disprove?” “Neither. Just to do it.” “Don’t hum. Whistle.” “I’ll hum.” He hums. Nobody laughs or tries to sing along.

Year of the Horse Writing Contest for September : )

There is no word limit for your entries. HOWEVER, we are also looking for haiku entries, if you are so inclined : ) The triggers for this month are lines taken from the following two texts. Find them here: BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 92, MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS, by Joe Tsujimoto. BAMBOO RIDGE Issue Number 93, ISLANDS…

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