Rather not get there than get there and lose

The year 2008, what a memorable year, but it’s not what think

All in all, all my beloved teams did not raise the beer

One by one, I learned it was not their year

Sports god is cruel

Inflicted me with depression three times all in one year

First up, in February it was a record breaking year

Most touch downs, most points in a single year

Each opponent down by double digit wins

Entered the big game undefeated and favored heavily to win

But in the end, the one win that mattered did not come to be

Second, in June a frequent participant is once again present

It may not seem that long ago, but to a team that is expected

To win it every year, four years is an eternity

The purple and gold against a familiar foe

This year however belonged to them, the Irish Green

Third, in October a small market team did the unthinkable

Made it to the World Series game; first in its history

By winning its division, that included behemoths like the Red Sox and Yankees

But it was not a Cinderella story

As the team that is known for sandwiches took home the trophy

2008, a nightmarish year

All my beloved team reached the pinnacle of their sport and lose on the same year

Yes, as a sports fan, I have reached the bottom

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