Two isolated capitals, initials, abbreviations, codes, symbols — perhaps a prestige logo? Or complete and utter nonsense?

Or maybe the beginning of a word or phrase, the remainders of which got lost along the way from conception to realization, still seeking completion? Or complete erasure? Letters skipped, skimped, skimmed, skinned?

Wait! I hear it forming an emerging loudness of voices merging, urging heroes to greater effort, greater grandeur, greater greatness.


South South Kitsap Wolves,

South Kitsap Kitsap Wolves,

South Kitsap Wolves Wolves,

South Kitsap Wolves! Yay!

Way, way, way back in the day, day, day that’s what they’d say, say, say to drive our institutional pride, inspiring victory over worthy but outgunned rivals.

Do they still root, chant, implore, inspire? Or do they just pretend — quiescent sheep in combative Wolves’ clothes? Like us?

(high school baseball cap)

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