Tinfish reviews ‘Islands Linked by Ocean’

The editor of Tinfish reviewed Lisa Linn Kanae’s new book, ‘Island Linked by Ocean.’

Here’s an excerpt:

With this new book of short stories, Kanae joins those who have used Pidgin not simply as subject, but also as medium for their work about Hawaiʻi. Most of the stories keep to the convention of narration in English, dialogue in Pidgin, though "Luciano and da Break Room Divas" does not. This story chronicles an office conflict between the high and mighty new secretary (well educated, standard English speaking) and her new office mates (working class Pidgin speakers), one of whom is trying to deal with the first anniversary of her husband’s death. The characters encounter one another outside the office at a Luciana Pavarotti concert, where the one character, Hattie, exiles her demons in the wash of the singer’s voice.

For the full review, hop on over to Tinfish.

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