Here we go.

Last month, I was invited to San Fernando Valley Buddhist Temple to do a workshop and later a sermon for Obon, which all turned out to be a stimulating and fun event. Reverend Pat Itsuki (a friend from 1999 in Kyoto where she was studying for her ordination), and her Sangha were my gracious and generous hosts. Those who attended the workshop had all read the book and they were interested in Himiko's journey and growth as a Buddhist and how that impacted her ability to cope with life after she was disfigured. And, I sold more books! Yah! I was only saddened that I couldn't be at MVT for the Lee Ohana and BR friends festival, but no worries. Will be there the next time around.

In August, Miyoko Sugano, Jackie Johnson, relatives, and some of my classmates all showed for a reading at The Japanese Center in Hilo. It is being renovated for more exhibits about the Japanese legacy and is a labor or love for those who are involved in creating it. I met people I hadn't seen since high school! Also, relatives. One relative came all the way from Kona to give me avocados, which they still call "alligator pears."

And now on to new projects. As you know we've started the "Massie Affair" linked poem sequence. The first poem by Christy has been posted and what a poem. The bar has been set high, yeah? I scaad em already. Anyway, everyone, CHECK! US! OUT!
Ann Inoshita is next, then me and Jean. Exciting but producing anxiety already, big time.

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  1. Pleopard says:

    yippee- it started- the new project that is. Feel the same way, happy to be a part of something creative, yet know that it's going to be tough. Such a loaded subject. I hope that people who may have been impacted by this affair will blog- maybe they remember their tutu's stories, maybe they was around that time, or maybe they are family of those who played a part. The stories, the words, would be really amazing to hear.

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