What Asian American works influenced you?

This was an interesting question for me…check out the responses below.


I was thinking in terms of early works that influenced my own awareness of AA literature. Obviously others were thinking of more recent works. Joe Tsujimoto, when I asked him for his list, rattled off a bunch of authors (i.e. Michelle Skinner, Lisa Kanae, Mavis Hara) who may not have been born before he started writing poetry or fiction (he's an OLD FUT) so I concede that may be true. We can still be influenced by young authors. But I tried to keep it CLEAN, so I didn't cite any BR authors. If I were to do so, I'd list Eric Chock (of course), Wing Tek Lum (no relation), Juliet Kono (for continuing to create challenges for herself…when a documentation of her own life could occupy volumes.) If you missed her appearance on Leslie Wilcox's Long Story Short, check out the audio link: http://www.kmeb.org/wordpress/?p=127

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