Congratulations: 100 Issues!

Congratulations Bamboo Ridge Press!

Congratulations Darrell, Eric, Wing, and Joy.

This issue is a milestone and the hallmark of a great achievement on your part. Most of all, it is a testament of your hard work and perseverance over the years. You have helped countless of people in their writing and often at much personal sacrifice. I for one thank you from the bottom of my heart, having been the recipient of your patience, kindness, and goodwill over the years–the beneficiary of such full-hearted effort on your part on my behalf–of which I am deeply grateful. I've been made humble by your thoughtfulness and perceptions, your keen editorial and artistic observations over the years. You guys, needless to say, are the best!

I'm feeling sorry for myself that I will not be able to join you in tonight's festivities. I know it's going to be great with so much fun . . . . (I hope you're making a tape so I can at least join in later, vicariously.)

My thoughts will be with you and hope that I can be part of another Lee Ohana in the future.

With my best wishes,

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  1. Darrell Lum says:

    Eh, get plenny mo words coming from you, I tink. The next renshi project was announced at Wine & Words, so I'm looking forward to the VERY ambitious project of renshi about the Massie Case. Ho, you guys get alas…whachucall lady balls?…I'm looking forward to your new project. And I hope your readers will post their comments and reactions.

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