My First Entry

Yeah, yeah, I know. I was the one who belly-ached about the pressure, about one week being not enough time to post a poem, but the poem I wrote was an exception. For one thing, I was itching to write about the green dress and the poem had been percolating in my mind for a long time, especially while I was reading some of the books on the case. So hook or crook, I was going to write about the green dress, and Ann, bless her heart, gave me the perfect entry. Also, I knew I had to hurry because school papers loomed over the near horizon like a naughty child waiting to steal candy from the store. The next poem, I anticipate, will be exponentially harder to write!

Talk story

  1. Darrell Lum says:

    To the poets,
    Thank you for the poems and the insights.

    To the readers,
    This is not a "fix up" job…not premeditated…not written in advance. What you see here is actually happening in real time. We hope you will follow the journey! Remember the links from poet to poet: last line becomes first line…WOW!

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