Higher and higher she flies. The bright blue sky – a vast wonderland – awaits her exploration, with this as her vehicle. Unexpectedly, her grip slips.

Down, down she tumbles, into an endlessly quaking abyss: there is only silence, and the stark contrast from cerulean to opaque blackness overwhelms her. Color is nonexistent. The world feels bottomless.

A startling lurch suspends gravity’s earthward tug. Colors explode. The wind swirls menacingly, reinforcing its presence.

Finally, reality reigns. Warm sand tickles her fingertips from below. A silent, empty black swing rocks ominously back and forth in the wind, squeaking, waiting for its next victim.

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  1. cmak15 says:

    You know I’m a huge fan of dashes. 😉 I think this story is very different from a lot of the things you normally write. There are a lot of shorter sentences here. Nice job.

  2. Marie Kaufman says:

    I like the use of color throughout. I agree with Chris; this is different from what you normally write. My favorite, "Warm sand tickles her fingertips from below."
    By the way, thank you for your feedback on my post.

  3. 4Him says:

    Oh, the last sentence is erie and I love it! "ominously black" and "squeaking" paints such a contrasting picture of something traditionally thought as fun and childlike as the one preying.

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