What's Next? Continuing a renshi.

Now that the first link has been done, how is one to continue?

If the line is short enough, it can be the title of the next link and/or the first line of the next link or both.

If the last line is too long or if only part of that line prompts a new link, then use that part, whether it's from the beginning or the end of the line. This is what I did with my poem "The Fires" (November). Ann Inoshita just used the word "Embrace" (March) in another poem. The important thing is that there be some word connection between the preceding and the following poem. This should be a liberation, not a hindrance.

Poetry writing gives you a space in which you can feel free. Renshi gives you guidance. It's hard to know how free you are unless you know the ways you aren't.

Hope this helps.

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