He and his family have been living in a shelter. Conditions suck, so they’re thinking of moving back to the beach. He’s been out of work for eight months. Laid off. If he gets this job, they hope to get into an apartment soon. His calloused hands were shaking.

Me, I was looking for a second job to get a car for my son.

We chatted some more while we waited. Then my name was called. I stood, patted his shoulder, wished him luck and left.

I’ll tell my wife I didn’t get the job. My son can take TheBus.

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  1. Dylan says:

    Very succinct portrait of lower and middle class struggles in Hawaii. The details such as living on the beach and catching TheBus give it a distinctive local voice as well. Great submission, Richard.

  2. richardmelendez says:

    Sincere thanks to both of you.

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