Deescoun' Deenah

Deescown’ Deenah
by Bobito

Wun time decide fo’ get pupus at Kalihi Bah an’ Greeyu.
Wuz early, so no’ mo’ feesh yet but nevah myne becuz I nevah leave too mas tip already.. if lucky, get one plate french fries.
Idea! Breeng ma own feesh! OK get ma bemboo
pole, go da Alawai, walk along da ridge nex’ da canow but reulize
no get bait. Sheesh! Sunnly, one keiki tro’ one Burgah King
ontop da watah Oh man! all kine feesh make bee line fo’ lunch! So, reach in
grab one, put 'em in ma backpack. Maybe da waitress go cook em fo’ me.

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