The Only Thing You Cannot Lose

come and sit beside me, dear old friend of mine
you’ve been waiting very patiently for such a long ,long time
while I stomped and charged and pouted, and prayed on bended knee
you still remained inside me, waiting patient,

I heard you calling out to me in whispers and with sighs
I’ve seen you looking back at me, through someone elses eyes
I’ve journeyed, hid and run away, and now I’m coming home
I’m so glad to see you dear old friend
and the garden that we’ve grown.

Lean against this tree for me, I’m tired this is true
I’ll gently slip inside again, for we have things to do
I’ve won, I’ve lost, I’ve compromised, found one thing to be true
The only thing you cannot lose
is what’s inside of you.

janis leslie

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