Flashing dislike in the eyes those girls had
Vacant with ignorant beauty
Sparking spiky insect leg lashes
Hard brown skin vain with belonging
Waist long hair reflecting the black flame of disdain
Ebony wasserfalls swishing with averting heads
Painting the point of their snub
White teeth bared for the bite of insult that followed
Red blood color on their lips as they spit their sharp words
So tiny in tube tops about to ooze poison so strong
Pinched skinny at the waist
Cold stink eye when I passed by
Nasty like skinny wasps stinging with burning words
Stilettos still echoing tap tap in the mall
As those Flip girls buzz off
Stingers intact

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  1. MARIZ says:

    This is FUN. I hope someone continues the renshi.

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