November Winners! Here are the Short-Short Story Contest winners for November.

Mahalo to all of you who entered the First Great BR Short-Short Story Contest in November. The authors of the eight pieces listed below have each won a $10 Bamboo Bucks credit to use at the BRP online store. Just mention that you’re a winner at checkout. Kindly redeem your Bamboo Bucks by December 31st. Mahalo : )

The winners are listed alphabetically by title along with their award category:

1. Da mos Eh! How You Knew da Story of My Life? Award:

“Ghost,” by kristel

2. Da mos Wow, Normie, Das Numbah T’ree! Das Like 30 Bamboo Bucks Awready. No Foget Fo Cash Um in by 12/31 Award:

“How’d You Like To Play Softball Instead?” by Normie Salvador

3. Da mos Stan, You Suck Award:

“Mercurochrome,” by waterbaby

4. Da mos Close, Brah, but No Cigah Award:

“Michael Learns the Value of Stillness at Kaliuwa`a,” by teter

5. Da mos Shakespeare Would Be Way Proud We Still Makin up Great New Words Like Screzenda Award:

“Night’s Final Draft,” by Jim Harstad

6. Da mos It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like O. Henry Memorial Award:

“The Purse,” by J. Lambert

7. Da mos So Wot? Da Nex Harry Potter Comin Soon oWot? Award:

“Reading in the Dark,” by forestwcal

8. Da mos Husbands, You Suck Award:

“The Women’s Table,” by malomu

Congratulations to all the November winners. December is the last month for the contest. Please post your final wonderful 100-word story by 2:00 p.m. HST (midnight GMT) on December 31st. Mahalo : )

Mahalo for reading!

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