each time

we bar chitchat


you are from belize

i have never met anyone from belize

it appears to you that i

sincerely want to know your life story

an expression seizes your soft face

you light up

fascinating enough suddenly

i actually do want to know more

abruptly you check your watch

our conversation full stops

you have to go

my mouth opens

but no more words come

my brain could be bought at a discount

i would go with you

you almost sprint out the door

away from me


i don’t know what

and i never will

i hate hotel bars

i hate boyfriends

and i hate husbands

mothers and sisters are okay

as are grandmothers

and any other people who aren’t

boyfriends or husbands

i stare at the space

you leave empty

a glass of melting ice cubes

a goal

the ball has passed by

a second since

each time a little more faintly

mission accomplished

mission accomplished




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