June Prompts from Bamboo Ridge Issue #87

  1. in a few short hours, the sun will be rising
    From “Leaving Kalihi,” by Cedric Yamanaka
  2. he never takes his eyes off the
    From “Sakaula,” by Emelihter Kihleng
  3. here — here — wait — wait — where stay?
    From “One Nada Voice,” by Gary Pak
  4. we were one of the very few people
    From “Star Mokihana,” by Stu Hada
  5. some dreams are just that, dreams
    From “Mango Lessons,” by Michael Little
  6. he laughed again
    From “In the Time Before Light,” by Ian MacMillan
  7. what do they do?
    From “Cane Fire,” by Naoto Nakashima
  8. “I understand,” I said
    From “Husbands and Wives,” by Kenny Tanemura
  9. From “How I learned to Write My Name,” by Brandy Nalani McDougall

    It is 1981 Kula,
    and my father, cloudy and high on booze
    and pakalolo, for all his love songs
    of rain and the mountain mist in unable
    to stay. My mother, unable to leave
    him, showers, during his frantic search
    through her purse for money, clattering loose
    change against house keys, for any green bill
    with a face. As an afterthought, he turns,
    concerned now with my witness, young eyes. Hunched
    over the kitchen table, I scribble
    nonsense. He bribes, “I’ll give you a dollar
    if you don’t tell.” I won’t. But I pretend
    not to hear him, going on with the scratch,
    scrawling the illegible string of loops
    I insist is real writing. He doesn’t
    bother to yell. He has no time for it,
    knows he must leave before the sound of warm
    water, unsteady thumps against the tub
    and her skin stops.


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