First 10 days of Plague Year 2022


Feels like the old new year: infinite loop; flying Dutchman; Möbius strip.


Paranoid about going to the gym though working out with a trainer in a room by ourselves, double masked. Embarrassed but asked if could bring a fan to circulate the air.


Spent more time than wanted to researching KN 95 masks. Beware of counterfeits.

Another conversation with M about whether to travel or not later this month.


Congested, short of breath: think I have covid: nothing new about this. Read that using a fan in an enclosed space when working-out has the potential of spreading covid more efficiently.

Put a freeze on my gym membership.


During the morning walk in the park, found rubber slip-ons in the sand in the shape of lobsters, little girl blue princess slippers on a picnic table, and almost new snorkel in the sink in the women’s bathroom.

Becoming more withdrawn, more anxious, less confident, less focused. Operative words: more and less.


Cancelled trip to San Francisco. Never cancelled a trip in my life. Thank you, omicron.


Delivered Christmas gifts to my grandnephews: pandemic babies. Was reminded of my talent for making small children laugh.

Snorkel leaks. Used lobster slip-ons and princess slippers to decorate garden.

Working against the grain here, trying to be positive. Thought about story of boy who was shoveling horseshit in a room because he knew there had to be a pony in there somewhere.


Daughter is surrounded by covid at her workplace. Realized, again, she has a warrior spirit.

‘Ilima has three blooms. Only need 497 more to make a lei.


Altered my assessment of Tyrone Power’s and Joan Blondell’s acting chops after watching Nightmare Alley, again.

Received a video of granddaughter having an imaginary phone conversation using a TV remote as cell. Insight: she has internal narratives, ones that we will never know, she will never remember.


Grandson born in San Francisco, another pandemic baby. Realized as the son of a coder, he has the perfect birth date.

Missing missing missing

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