In this Hawaii Covid bubble
We are bombarded with politico and medico messages
About high case counts, rising deaths, hospital overflow,
No go out to eat, support your local restaurants, get take-out
Stay home as much as you can, create your own small pod—
I think it’s five people this week
The latest is old people like me are SOL, even if we boomers follow rules
Rationed care will go to Millennials and other alphabet generations
With better survival rates even when they are unvaxxed.

Meanwhile, organizers want 10,000 people to march through Waikiki
To support individual rights and liberty
Their badge of courage is no masks and marching with no distancing
Onward marching soldiers
Against the giant pharma companies in cahoots with government.

Meanwhile, there is no permit for the parade—
It is a freedom of speech activity
But the City said they would monitor them
I have no doubt marchers will violate face masks, crowd size, and social distancing
But Hey! No worries, as long as they no bother traffic it’s okay.

Meanwhile, my family who lives in Vegas
Are upset I canceled my October trip
I have swallowed the Malolo punch-ade and don’t feel safe traveling
My sis-in-law says anti-vaxxers have given Vegas a bad name
I say returning Oahu residents are blamed for spreading the virus
She says her brother is flying in from Oahu next week, airfare is cheap now
So how come I not coming when I know it means a lot to them.

Meanwhile, I hear 65,000 attended the Vegas Raiders game
Meanwhile, Zero of 500 family and friend fans who would follow rules
Cannot use the 9,000-seat UH Stadium.
Meanwhile, I receive travel packages for trips to the Continent and beyond
As if we have time-traveled to a pre-Covid world.
Meanwhile, even when the Governor says no come
No leave Hawaii right now
Hawaiian Air offers cheap one-way trips to Hawaii
Hotels offer deep discounts to fill their rooms.

So, like local folks always say, Hawaii is different
That’s the Covid reality.

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