Dying to Run

100 words poem – first


Running mentally and physically

I die

I despise running

We have cars now

Why do we need to run

It seems kind of pointless

My body disintegrates

Flat feet, twisted ankle

Suffering, grunting, burning

Blood blazing in my thighs

In one word




Pandemic mode – sitting behind the screen doing PE

Loss of muscle tone

The pain of running was just a memory

Life was so much better



Return to school and I forgot how to run

“Look at that troll! Hobbling and wobbling around the field.”

Divine punishment

Destroying me

Mangling my legs, crushing my soul


25 words poem – second


Flat feet, twisted ankle

Suffering, grunting, burning




Pandemic – online PE

Life was good



Return to school

“Look! Pathetic troll.”

Soul crushing

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