Year of the Pig contest for July : )

Ho da traumas in da Bahamas. My computa wen maké, so get all kine scrambling an screaming an cursing goin on ova hea at da Bamboo Shoots undagroun fort an bah an grill. Had to overcome ma hahtache wit plenny beahs. Now I stay sobah enuff, an I not crying too much, so time fo give out da 10 Bamboo Bucks to all da June winnas. All you gotta do is tell um you one June winna wen you check outta da Bamboo Ridge online store.

Da winnas:

Jim Harstrad




Darrell Lum — now he retired, he canna afford too much stuffs from da BR online store no more, so I tryin fo help him out little bit. If Eric Chock would enta da contes an win too, I would be all happy fo slide him some Bamboo Bucks, now he retired so he poor too. Me too. Jim Harstad too. Ho, look like everybody gettin retired an poor.

Eh Lanning, keep trying, buddy. One a dese days, brah. No give up hope. I pulling fo you. I like your neva say die attitude.

Me, I canna win cuz, well, would look juice, right? I running da contes an winning all da time. Would get fired an den. But I like fo write too, so I put some of my stuffs on top da site sometimes.

Okay, in honna of my dead iMac, dis mont da topic stay: Come up wit one plan fo make enough money fo buy Bamboo Buckaroo one new computa.

Nah nah nah nah nah. Jes kidding. Dis mont you can write any dang ting you like. You pick da topic. Wide open dis time.

An you can make um coupo words or one gazillion words, up to you. Too good uh? Can be poems, stories, plays, riddles, knock-knock jokes, killa recipes, movie scripts, TV scripts, love lettas, political protest songs, dictionary entries, translations, wedding vows, legal documents, illegal documents, directions to Santa’s workshop. You name it.

So gangies, go write about whatevahs. Jes make sure you write.

Mahalo for reading!

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