“‘I miss you-er company’ fell rather short of explanation or apology,” he offers.

“It was intended to,” she replies. “Why apologize? What’s to explain?”

“Don’t you think what happened deserves more? Or better?” he suggests.

“Here,” she says. “Read this.”

      Haiku 2 U

And, But, Or, So

Why, where, when?

Who? Why? Why?

U’n me


U’n I?

“What did happen?” she asks. “I don’t recall.”

“Nothing at all? No thing?”

Her wan smile, her uncomprehending stare.

“Nothing beyond ‘I miss you-er company?'” he tries.

“The poem,” she affirms. “Or, ‘I miss you-er company’,” she repeats. “Can’t that be enough?”

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