Kazuhiro Mochidome

Spring 2006. I drove through a late afternoon Makakilo. His mother had frozen his accounts, cut up his cards, and disowned him. She hadn’t approved his online romance. For a few weeks, he had my couch.

Summer 2006. 3am. Long-distance call from the Philippines. He took a chance; he’s laughing.

Fall 2006. In my garage, I found him parked on his suitcase. After dinner and talk story, I drove him to Ala Moana. I abandoned him on a bus bench, playing his hand-held.

"Somebody else coming. No worry."

Spring 2012. If you’re reading this, call me. I worry still.

Talk story

  1. Normie Salvador says:

    Hmm, IPs that originate in the Philippines and a number that begins with the Philippines country code.

    Should I call shenanigans?

    Want me to take the reply seriously? Name the three people the three events actually happened to. (To those not-Kazu, I took some artistic license and created a composite narrator.)

    Hopefully, I haven't fed the trolls.

  2. Normie Salvador says:

    Well Kazu, I've set things into motion. E no longer remembers where your mother lives. We're tracking her down through friends.

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