I’ll Love You Forever

          “ Oh my gosh where’s our food?”
           “ James calm down dude, we have the whole night just chill.”
           “But we’ve been waiting for half an hour already I’m starving.”
           “Hey the pizza is worth it just hold on.”
           “It better be worth it I’m starving!”
           “Here you go gentlemen sorry for the long wait.”
           “Thank you. “
           “Oh gosh finally, we are not coming back to CPK anymore that took way too long.”
           “James stop eating so fast, we got our food, now just take your time.”
           “Jathan shut your face I’m hungry.”
           “ Oh crap! Umm James I know we just got our food and everything but can we go?”
           “ What are you talking about you told me we have all night, what’s your deal?”
           “Over by the door it’s Her.”
           “What that’s the girl you dated?”
           “Yes that’s Her. So hurry up James.”
           “Wait hold up that’s your ex? You never told me what happened with you to. So what happened between you guys? Hey don’t make that face at me, I’m not leaving till you tell me!”
           “Fine I’ll tell you. But after I tell you we are going got it?”
           “Oks deals now tell me everything.”
           “All right here we go. Her and I were best of friends, we hung out all the time. We told each other all of our secrets. I knew everything about her and she knew everything about me, we were two peas in a pod. One day I realized I liked her more then a friend. When I wasn’t around her my heart felt empty. No matter who I was with or what I was doing she was on my mind. I wanted to ask her out, but I noticed she would talk to this other guy. So I thought she liked him and just saw me as her friend. You know? One day I just sucked up all my fears and threw it away. I wanted to risk it because of all the memories we shared. So I asked her out and guess what? She said yes. Oh dude you don’t even know how happy I was. It was just like one of my dreams came true. I was so happy. But I had this feeling in my gut that she still might like that other guy. The only way I could be fully happy is if i asked her about him, so I did and she said don’t worry about it He’s just a friend that’s all. And I believed her I mean why wouldn’t I?
           We went out for a while I do not know almost a year. I loved being her boyfriend. Her and I had different hobbies but we had the same interest. Even though we were different people we had the same style and taste, we could be our selves around each other. We liked the same kind of movies and the same type of music. All of our free time was spent with each other. If you saw one of us the other one was not far behind. When I was away from her my friends could tell I was in love, because when someone mentioned her name I would blush or be extra happy. “
           “Wait Wait. What you? Mr. Tough Guy blushing, I can‘t picture you like that.”
           “Well James it’s true she was like my soul mate.”
           “All right dude don’t get soft on me, so back to the story.”
           “Right where was I? Oh okays. Every time I saw her my heart would beat faster. She was the one I would give my heart to. I wanted to spend my life with her. She made me feel like no one ever did before. She was more then just my girlfriend she was my dream girl. She was perfect in everyway possible. . I loved her laugh, her hair, how she talked I loved everything about her, I loved her. I knew I loved her for a while. I think I loved her even before we started dating. But it was hard for me to tell her what she ment to me. I didn’t know when the right time was to tell her that I loved her. So I told my self I would let all my feelings out on our one year anniversary. I thought that would be the best time to tell her. I mean anniversaries are suppose to be a special day.
           I thought everything was going good till a couple months before our anniversary. You see she started to change. At first it was small things like she wouldn’t text me back for couple of hours. Or she would text all the time even when she was with me. But as our anniversary got closer it got worst. She cancelled our dates because she had to do homework or do things around the house. She laughed less and her beautiful smile was gone. I felt like her mind was some where else. We didn’t have fun with each other anymore it seemed like she didn’t like me. We started to drift apart. I saw her less and less. She stopped calling me at night. Before we use to always talk on the phone, but then she was always to tired or to busy to talk to me anymore. I felt like I was slowly losing the love of my life. Each day that passed separated us more and more.
           But I knew we could work it out and get back to how we were before. So I planned an awesome anniversary I thought maybe if I told her that I loved her maybe everything would be ok. For our anniversary I took her out to dinner at a romantic restaurant. But the whole time she didn’t seem that into it. It almost seemed like she didn’t wanna be there. After dinner I took her down by the beach, I thought a walk under the moon light would be romantic and the perfect time to tell her how I felt. I stopped walking ,turned to her and told her I love her and how I think she is the one I wanna spend my life with. I was waiting for her to say it back to me but instead she said… she said for the past couple months she just didn’t feel that spark between us anymore. Even though we went tough a lot with each other she said that it might be better if we were just friends. The day she became my girlfriend is the same day she broke my heart.
           I couldn’t handle myself after that. I just moped around I didn’t talk to anyone, I didn’t run around nothing. I mean can you picture me calm? People kept asking me what was wrong but I couldn’t tell them. I cried my self to sleep every night just thinking about how much I loved and missed her. But the worst part was the real reason why she broke up with me. You see she started talking to that guy friend of hers. And I guess she started to like him more then me. She stayed with me the whole time just because she didn’t know who she really loved. But when I told her I loved her I guess she realized she couldn’t say it back because she didn’t love me, she loved him. And that’s it. That’s the whole story…………..Can we go now?”
           “Wow Jathan that’s umm pretty sad.”
           “Yeah I know James so can we go?”
           “ Oh yeah sure lets go. But, Jathan the way you talk about her I feel like you still love her. I mean do you still love her even after what she did to you?”
           “Yes I still love her, I think I will always love her. Sure when I see them together it kills me inside. I had a lot of time to think and I am ready to move on with my life.”
           “But how can you still love her after what she did to you?”
           “Well that’s the thing all I want is for her to be happy. So if she is happy with that other guy I have to accept that. I believe that if you love someone enough you will let them go no matter how hard it is. And so that’s what I have to do. I need to move on.”

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