Remember Me

Remember Me

When will you remember me?
Will you do it today?
Will you do it tomorrow?
Will you do it when I cry?
Will you do it when I die?
When will you?
Don't you remember the times we've shared?
The times we've laughed?
Why can't you remember?
Can't you feel my hand touch yours?
Can't you feel the chemistry between us?
Or the energy that flows rapidly through my body?
Well? Can you?
I can feel your touch.
I can remember.

I remember our first date,
Our first kiss,
Our first night together.
Why can't you?
When you got into that car I didn't know that it would be the last time you would remember.
I kissed you goodbye as you closed the door.
You drove off into the distance as I stood behind watching your shadow fade to darkness.
I got a call a few hours later—
About the crash.
I cried and cried,
Then rushed to the hospital to be by your side.
Tubes and wires emerge from your skin as you lay hopelessly on the hospital bed.
Not a word,
Not a sound,
Just silence.
Every morning a woman comes into your room.
She trains your brain to help with your slurred speech,
your memory loss.

When I look into your eyes I see confusion.
You probably don't remember who I am or why I’m even next to you.
When I hold your hand you resist me.
Why can't you remember?
I need you to think hard!
Think about me.
Think about us.
Think about where we could be.
Now I need you to listen to me!
Listen to my voice!
You don't need to say a word,
Just Listen.
When you close your eyes,
Let my words fill your ears.
I know you can do it.
Dig deep it's there.
When you listen to my voice don't you recognize me?
I was the girl who sat across from you every morning.
You could never stop staring at me.
Why can't you remember?
The first time we spoke,
Fireworks ignited.
Blood pumped through my veins.
And butterflies soared through my stomach.
Your eyes glistened.
It was magical.
Why can't you remember?

You're useless!
I don't know how to help you.
If you can't remember the,
Love we've shared,
Tears we've shed,
Then I don't know what to say.
I gave you everything I had.
Why can't you remember?
Try harder!
Look deeper!
This is your last chance.
Our last chance.
I'm leaving.
I look at your helpless face one last time,
Kiss your lips, then walk towards the door.

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