Hawai’i Sonnet 67 (for LKH and R&R C)

Leina’ala floats, a dream vision

her smile indelible, genuine, always so gracious

gliding, swaying, her hands are birds in flight

elegance in their movement, soar and weave of feathered flame

this haunting hula elegantly danced before her devoted halau

Na Pualei o Likolehua, ascendant buds to flower

adorned in their yellow costume blaze, burning embodiment

of ‘Ala’s love, her history, her pure seeds sown to bloom

The Brothers Cazimero rise into hallowed voice

elevating the Royal audience to the heights of perfect harmony

Robert swinging at fond attention to his upright bass

Roland perched atop his pillow, strumming heaven

The three, some energetic luminescence, overflowing space

trinity of proud tradition and prime sustenance for generations to come

(there should be a – over the a in Leina, and over the a in Na)

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