Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown

Yeah yeah yeah, I know.  It’s not Monday.  But I canna let a whole week go by promptless, can I?  Why waste da week?  So here’s #WritingPrompt numero uno for September.

Jack Nicholson with a knife to his nose in the movie Chinatown
A nosy kitty cat

So Nicholson is about to get his nose cut up.  Prompts jumping into my brain:

plastic surgery
nosy people
knifey people
Eh, hurry up!  Where da Kleenex stay?
Bring um already!
Gotta get stitches fo real?
the ER
I still goin be good-looking bumbye?
Das one kine-a big needle, uh?
more meds
I like meds a lot
Breaking Bad

Or come up wit one of your own.  Main ting write whatevahs.


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